Terme di Saturnia


Terme Di Saturnia is a complex of sulphureous thermal waters located in the area of Manciano, not far from Saturnia city center, in province of Grosseto.
The history of the baths dates back to the Etruscan period, when the settlement was known as Aurinia. The name “Saturnia” recalls instead the legend according to which the baths were originated in the point where a thunderstorm fell from Jupiter against Saturn, angered by human iniquities.
Inside the defensive walls of Saturnia, you can visit the ruins of an ancient Roman spa, so famous at that time to lead to the construction of the Via Clodia, connected to the Via Aurelia, to get here more easily. During the Middle Ages, this place was bitterly fought over by the feudal local lords, reaching its definitive consecration thanks to the healing properties of the water.


Therapeutic properties of the thermal waters

The thermal water of Saturnia is classified as sulphate-alkaline-bicarbonate-earthy with a high concentration of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide. It gushes out at 37.5 ° C and has a capacity of 800 liters per second, ensuring a continuous replacement of water in just 4 hours.
The well-known therapeutic properties of the thermal waters of Saturnia are recognized for the treatment of some skin diseases thanks to their antiseptic action. They are also recommended for the treatment of cardio-circulatory disorders thanks to the vasodilatory action that reduces the arterial pressure, improves pulmonary ventilation and, of course, gives wellbeing and relaxation at the first dive.


The spa areas

The spa complex is divided into a public and a private area: the public area, known as “Cascate del Mulino” or “Cascate del Gorello”, is accessible to all visitors and is dominated by a waterfall that pours into limestone basins and offer an amazing natural show.
In the private spa area there is a luxurious establishment, one of the most famous in Italy and all over the world, thanks to its swimming pools with thermal water. The top choice for body treatments is the exfoliation of the skin with the mud deposited at the bottom of the tank. Very effective in different pathologies, it is very popular to visitors because it gives a deep sense of relax and well-being.
Open every day from 9.30 am to 7 pm, the structure offers its guests a true luxury Resort with 128 different accommodation, thermal pools, a conference room, an 18-hole golf course, two restaurants starred Michelin, a hair stylist, a gym, a boutique and a lounge bar, as well as a long list of spa treatments (from massages and aesthetic medicine to manicure and epilation).